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Just a small, black girl who grew up in a little suburb who was “different” than all the rest.

As told by a 90’s Gal: Here’s the breakdance:

You’ve got some amazing, life-changing desires in you to do MORE with your life than just raise a couple of nose pickers, but  you can’t seem to get away from the little boogers to do just 10 minutes of work (even after hiding in the closet). After all, taking a dump by yourself would be a luxury.

And when you do get away, you feel guilty for taking time to yourself instead of being with them (some cries are just heartbreaking!). 

You’ve tried to tell your husband that you need help, but nothing seems to change and the house is still a mess (and the last thing you probably want right now is sex). 

You need someone to help you with getting it all done & really feeling accomplished, before you literally lose your sh!7 for good!  

That’s exactly what I do, Momma!

I’m Coach Andi, the Lady Boss Mentor & Coach, showing you how to have the cool, calm, & confidence of being a married miz-ness woman who is madly in love with her groom, totally handling the kids w/out mom-regrets, and bossin’ her biz like an Apple CEO; all the while feeling vibrant, energies, and sexy in her naked skin! 

I spent over 10 years learning the art of communication with my groom & kiddos and learning to live and thrive outside of “the circumstance circle” that tends to rob time and make us  moms feel inadequate with our efforts. After being asked at nearly every jaw-dropping response “how do you do it?!” I decided to spill the beans. The house is a mess anyway, so might as well play in it! With a glass of wine, of course. 

Just like a developer fashions and creates a new app to work seamlessly on any device, upgrading as needed when “bugs” appear, so too, do I create time for the wife & mother who truly is accomplished but never feels like things get done…and that includes the husband (pun totally intended). I help with some tweaking and upgrading so that moms embody what they were created to do…to be enough & awesome to boss their life like a Mutha should.

As the world goes round, I cover the full 360′ Degrees of a Seasoned Woman. I give married female entrepreneurs the created time to take ‘no-brain-needed’ failproof action steps so that they get sh!7 done, create an unbelievable love-sick-awesome marriage (bliss baby), and actually thrive raising their amazing kids! πŸ˜… Even if you can’t remember the last time you went πŸ’© by yourself.

To learn more (& get my secret step by step how to), then you’ll want to click here ☜ & grab that guide!

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Awaken 2 The Possibilities

Oh, and in case you are kind of a stalker, wondering what else I’m up to, or you’re just curious – I like taking photos!

Even when Life Happenscapture the moments πŸ“Έ —> Take a look at how I do that, Thru Andi’s Lenz.

I’m a modern city-raised Nebraska girl who loves the outdoors. Though my momma tried to keep me clean and proper, I thought baby bunnies, snakes, and wild caught critters were the way to go. Instead of becoming a vet, I became a lover of life and living life to it’s fullest. I started my health and wellness journey in 2001 when my newborn baby boy was in and out of hospitals for the first 3 years of his life. After discovering alternative (aka traditional) medicine, the rest is history…natural all the way baby. So, I popped out 8 more healthy babies and learned along the way that I could still be me, unapologetically and without feeling guilty.

Stress causes wrinkles, don’t stress Mommie out.” My mantra for being so chill through babies and bliss. Life happens, we still gotta live. And so that’s exactly what I have done. I have decided to live around my circumstances instead of succumbing to them. And in so doing, I intuitively coach and consult each client I have ever had to 100% “goals met and exceeded” results. After grabbing a few certifications in herbalism, nutritional consultation, holistic practitioner, EFT Lv I & II, Zumba fitness, personal and group fitness training, I also was trained as a professional coach.

What can I say, I get bored and learnπŸ’©.  Which in turn, helps me make my clients so successful. 

Wow… I really CAN have it all. The blissful marriage, amazing kids who keep me young, a healthy body, and following my passions as ME to support women like YOU. So…why, not you? Sure, you can skip the chicken-raising part if you really want, but besides that, I’m just a small, black girl, who’s heart will always be a part of the Nebraska city life, but blossoms in the midst of the country. 

Life happens, y’all…don’t freak out, grab a glass of wine and laugh about it.

If you want the Offical Bio…here ya go!

Andi is a wife, mother of 9, she lives every day in marital bliss with her groom, mastering a stressless lifestyle of marriage, motherhood & business. Her energy and vibrancy are a natural side-effect of her secret weapon – being selfishly unselfish (self-care & love to fully serve others). She is the founder of Awaken Women Retreats for moms in business and 360 Degrees . ❀Awaken to the Season of Possibilities! ❀ Especially here on FaceBook.

Coach Andi has been featured as a guest on several podcasts – replays will be posted soon! In the meantime, be sure to grab her Ultimate Mompreneur’s Guide to A Zen-Life (you’ll be glad you did…trust us and other moms!)where she gets real about overwhelm for one and how she overcame that AND discover why she’s in marital bliss…Some One said Stay. πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ Go check out her Marriage MemoirA love πŸ’‹ story like never before.