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Coach Andi is awesome! So many times we get so caught up in our
lives that we fail to see the areas we need to improve on that will, in turn, improve our lives. The amazing part is that Coach Andi shows you how to do this with resources you already have and she equips you with more resources to make it a pleasant journey. She lives what she teaches and that shows that what she tells you works and is not just something she read somewhere or learned in a
class. I have accomplished my goals and feel great!
Valerie F.

Andi was SO transparent about her own experiences as a wife and mom and gave really practical guidance from lessons that she’s learned.  Her strategies were simple uses of language, but it was really clear how effective they were.  She was real.
I signed up for a follow-up 1-on-1 session with Andi, and within an hour she was able to cut through some of my old limiting thoughts, and decipher what I was really saying.  Boy, did she ask some mind-blowing questions!  A couple left me speechless.  In our time together I felt completely free to share and be honest with myself, and without judgment.  I’m so pleased that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Andi!
Jackie S.

Before working with Andi, communication was a real issue in my marriage.  There wasn’t much understanding and listening on my part.  Anger and defensiveness allowed me to be cut off from truly communicating with my spouse.  Andi has taught me how to listen and breathe through our disagreements. My husband and I now have calm and understanding discussions rather than arguments. I have learned to put aside my assumptions and see my husband for who he is – my groom.  And in growing myself and changing how I approach him, he has reciprocated and has been equally as understanding and compassionate.  I highly recommend Andi as a life, health, and marriage coach.  She has such a calming and supportive way of guiding you through your pain and difficulties into a brighter and healthier future.

Jaime S.

Andi truly walks her talk! She’s one of the most authentic, caring, self-connected women I know.

Luci L.


So impressed by Coach Andi – she has a zen about her – and with 9 kids – that is miraculous – but not by accident!

Dana M.