Hey, gorgeous! You’re one bad@ss amazin' wife, YOU!

You decided to build your own business so you could share your geniusness with the world while married, raising kids, & taking care of YOU!

Buuuuttt....not everyone (psssst... especially the hubbs) fully supports you emotionally (so you can be in your flow whether working or not). Nor is communication the best, you know the kind of communication that means: he gets me, I get him, ZERO misunderstandings. 

So, if you want to step into the bad@ss spotlight - it means you're ready to:

  • Wave bu-bye to the lack of non-sexual intimacy that's missing in your relationship & HEL-LO smiles, hand-holding, texts of encouragement, and non-scary vulnerable moments of sharing with one another.
  • Stop 'fending for yourself' and have him more engaged, attentive, and willing to please YOU, when you want it, how you want it, and without struggling with "he just won't do it, I've asked before."
  • Scale your business because he now supports and upholds your personal space and boundaries for YOUR business time knowing it pleases you. 

And that’s exactly where I strut in.

I'm Coach Andi, the Intimacy 4Ever Expert.

I know what it takes to build a loving relationship even when your spouse isn't involved. I’ve  been where you are because when I started my coaching business while married, not only I was trading hours for (very little) dollars, but I was doing EVERYTHING in the home w/ the kids. I was more criticized than praised, I felt like sex was obligatory, and I was continually under-minded for my skills/knowledge in my business. 


Let's not even get into how the house was "ALWAYS" a mess. ?

Life was unfair to say the least. I was always giving. Know what I mean?

Have you felt like you are:

  • Struggling each day and frustrated because you know if you could just get him to understand your feelings and listen, he would better understand you and what you need?
  • Exhausted because you’re working so hard and still not getting the results you want (with the kids or business - you feel double suck).
  • Fed up with feeling like you'll NEVER have that emotionally supported love {again} so you might as well go it alone? But you really don't want to be a single mom...you want it to work, but don't know how to get through to him.

Yup – I’ve been there and so much more…but I’ve also figured out how to get past all of that and:

  • STOP the inner chatter of failure from his words and feeling daily resentment towards him (and the kids).
  • Get the support you need without the criticism and "solving" husband, but rather he genuinely listens to you and fulfills your love tank...even if he has NEVER done it before.
  • Gain more genuine emotional & intimate support (without any more negative mind-chatter) to consistently kick @ss making 5-6+ figure months. Plus... communication between you too is like honeymoon talk...every. single. day!

The fact is, you CAN create the marriage relationship of your dreams, that provides the emotional and non-sexual intimate connectedness you desire. And that brings you fulfillment every day to show up bad@ss in your biz and undeniably loved & cherished in your relationship.

There are so many women out there who have so much to offer the world, so much impact they can make because the next generation is watching THEM... but they’re not able to fully express their genuis-ness because they can’t get the one basic human need exactly how they need it - Love.

Don't you want that? Meet me over HERE, Beautiful!

Take actionable steps to start feeling like, Oh Yeah! Wow, he'll totally respond to that and I won't be overwhelmed anymore! Whew! ? -Like today!

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