Bad@ss Business Resources

Got A {Bad@ss} Business To Market?

Online or offline, you need quality business resources to create flow, duplication, and ease of use to maximize your time, marketing, & profitability. The following resources are what I personally use in my business as a wife and mother to "unbusy" my to-do list while working with any team who can duplicate and execute with minimal oversight! 

CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar

Got Social Media Accounts? If I actually wanted to spend 3+ hours a day on my social media channels, I would ditch CoSchedule in a heartbeat... buuutttt... I hate wasting time. 'Nuf Said. Since I am focused on value-content, I decided to blog/post articles primarily for my business. However, I didn't want to continually go back and forth making up  new graphics for each social media profile to match my blog post. I originally used CoSchedule to just post social media memes, but there was soo much more I was missing out on! After a few YouTube & support videos (and MANY ideas from them emailing me), I totally automated my value-content more efficiently.  ‚ÄčAND IT'S GETTING SHARED!! 

Here's a better view on why this business resource is at the top of my priority list as a content-focused blogger for my business.

Disclaimer: Some of these resources are affiliate links and I will receive a small compensation if you sign up for these resources to enhance your own business. I hope you are doing the same too! 

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