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Female Entrepreneurs:
Ready to start Illuminating Your Intimacy For Your Best Marriage Yet? 

Just follow the 4 steps below…

Step 1: Know What INTIMACY Really Is

Step 2: Deepen Your EMOTIONAL Connection

If you don't know what Intimacy is outside of this simple breakdown of what Intimacy Really Is - All 8 LAYERS.

{If you get compliments on the regular with limitless help & respect in ALL areas of your life, skip this step} 

Get Intimate

If you haven't already, secure my list of how to engage with your husband in 50 different ways to deepen your emotional connection.

Go now and get emotionally healthy in your marriage! 

{This works even if he seems so distant from you it's like you're standing back to back}

Step 3: Realize What You NEED

Step 4: BE Intimate... Everyday

Discover and communicate what EXACTLY you need from your husband so he can treat you like his goddess-queen businesswoman every single day like a steady heartbeat.

{If he fully supports your business without being condescending and giving you all the help you need day to day, skip this step}

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Be non-sexually intimate with your husband every nanosecond you are together and watch what happens... You may end up being the one asking for more sex.

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I believe every married female entrepreneur should increase their non-sexual intimacy so they can have conversations that don’t feel like they’re being stabbed in the back!

Coach Andi, Intimacy 4Ever Expert

For many years, it wasn't emotionally safe to express my love. Intimacy was all about sex and if I was going to "give it up" (despite being exhausted after making dinner, kid baths, clean up, and the every day energy-zaps of all the demands and expectations).

Ever have this happen to you?

Or how about when you share your excitement about your blog or business details and all you score are eye rolls and possibly a lecture on how it’s never going to make money. As a matter of fact, I bet there's no holding back on how he expresses that your "hobby" is just a waste of time and money. 

Sure, it'd be great to get your bank account singing how ?She Works Hard For The Money

and get your man to start singing his own tune of love, acknowledgement, respect, belief in you and TRUST that YOU can do this. 

Rather than criticize and demoralize you, he should try to help make this a viable business venture for you, right?! 

Then I know EXACTLY how you feel. 

Feeling empowered by your passions and having a plan and bringing it to fruition as a business is amazing. I feel the same way but getting the husband to understand and respect your business ventures alongside your role as a wife and mother is as close to having a FREE in-house maid.

And it's probably feeling like ice pick pricks on your ?heart in regards to your relationship.

That's why I became obsessed with intimacy. Into-Me-You-See

This was the beginning of the awareness of an entire suite of emotionally-driven, relationship building tools to help wives increase non-sexual intimacy with their husbands.

Intimacy is the only force you'll ever need to have conversations that don’t feel like you're being stabbed in the back and have an even deeper emotional connection with your husband... forever. All the while building your bad@ss business.

Intimacy alone allows you to be closer emotionally so you can be in flow whether working or not AND when communicating with each other...Ie.  He gets you, you get him, ZERO misunderstanding, and he's your cheerleader-lover for life.

All of this through intimacy... not counseling, not fighting, and certainly not separating. A few intimate chats and within minutes, instead of long-winded months, you begin developing your sacred rhythm of non-sexual intimacy that creates a royal love relationship - always guarded, always safe.

And this is just the beginning of intimacy!
Succeed as business wife with unlimited love & support. 

Get The Remarkable Marriage You Want

...In 5 Days

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