I Increase Non-Sexual Intimacy In Your Marriage...Especially After a Spouse Cheats

Do you want a supportive and attentive husband despite the many years, it wasn't emotionally safe for you to express your love? 

Do you feel like resentment is blocking intimacy?

Have you always given and been 1000% on for him and the kids but not gotten the credit for it?

I’m Coach Andi, and I understand that love and marriage and growth are much more difficult than we are led to believe. But that doesn't mean he can't treat you, love you, and support you like bad@ss business wife & Queen you deserve to be seen as. Through mastermind & mentorship services, I address all those questions above and so much more. It's mind-blowing ?.

Need answers now? I've got them! 

I work with married female entrepreneurs to provide the fairness back into the overwhelmingly unfair situation using my proven, signature hacks of non-sexual intimacy.

Known as the "Bad@ss Wife In Business" & a mother of TEN, Coach Andi brings out the bad@ss genuineness within married female entrepreneurs while they create an unstoppable profitable business. Using her wisdom & keen intuition about love languages she synchronizes business & pleasure to create more intimacy, trust, and sustainability for these bad@ss business wives who have a burning & passionate Divine Fire to never quit.

I also offer a 110% 'OMGoodness-That's Bad@ss' guarantee - because unstoppable women who don't give up, keep making bigger & happier impacts in the world. 

So far, I've helped several business-savvy women communicate with love and become intimately-closer with their "he'll-never-change" husbands (...and this happens often). 

Curious? A wee bit intrigued? Eager to know how to have your husband love YOU exactly the way you want? 

I'm here and ready, Beautiful, to magnify your marriage-love life and diminish any doubts that you can be blissfully wedded (despite the past & current sh!7 you're just putting up with) while you work your Bad@ssness in Business with the 1000% {emotional} support of your loving HUSBAND!

Get Started Right Here... ??

Her strategies were simple uses of language, but it was really clear how effective they were.
She was real.
~ Jackie S. {Mom of 3}

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Even through financial strain, affairs, having babies, rediscovering my “lost” self, AND…trying to build a business...

I emerged on the other side of what seemed like a poisonous, bitter, and dreadful relationship.

Today, I'm a Bad@ss BLISSFUL woman {with 10 kiddos} who created a boomin’ business because I put my{self} marriage FIRST.

I’m all about creating crazy-OMG-happy FEMAIL’s

{Female Entrepreneur Married And In Love}

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