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"DO IT! Use the Card for the $2000 investment."

10 years ago.. heck, not even THREE years ago my husband would have NEVER said that. And all I did was mention to him about a program that would hone in my skillz as an introvert entrepreneur. 

No condescending questions, no feelings of inadequacy, no passive aggressiveness, no... sucky words of discouragement really came from his lips. All because I was able to be vulnerably honest with my husband and I allowed him to SEE me - my faults, my strengths, my weaknesses, my passions...I let him see ME. 

Man... that's no easy feat! If you've EVER been hurt before, belittled for your beliefs, unsupported with your endeavors as a business woman working from home... it probably feels more like standing up to a bully than talking to the love of your life! 

This Is all too common

A couple of weeks ago I lead a workshop on the 9 layers of intimacy. Many women KNEW it was more than just sex, however, they didn't how HOW to live their life without using sex as a form of acceptance. They didn't realize that when people (including husbands) speak disrespectfully or passive aggressively towards them, it's because of a lack REFLECTIVE intimacy in their lives.

This is just ONE of the 9 layers of intimacy that not only has your husband tripping over himself (or the kids) to hear you, but to SUPPORT you with the kindest words he's ever said. 

The women also said that EMOTIONAL intimacy was the hardest. 

This is about revealing your weakness to your spouse and ALLOWING them to accept it (and you). We're all so strong and feminine (BOSS BABE!), revealing our weakness is scary because, let's face it... my own husband has used my weakness against me (several times, mind you) and it HURT like HELL . So, why would I open up again?? 

It totally makes sense.

And it totally sucks for your marriage....unless... you let HIM reveal HIS weakness FIRST.  THIS is the key that unlocks the conversations that literally KILL back-stabbing convos. The women had no clue on how to do that!! What if they aren't the only ones to master this layer to consistently have loving and open conversations (without expectations)? 

So This is what I did:

I started 2-week Intensives focusing on key Intimacy layers... And shut the front door... this happened! ?

She's on TOP of the world in love with her husband...again! 

And... this is CRAZZYyyy... results like this is priceless... because we literally ONLY took TWO weeks to have a break through and deeper connection with her man. 

Real Talk - This isn't EASY, but it's DOABLE. 

Why struggle, hope, stay angry and hurt, if there's a REAL solution from a REAL woman who knows EXACTLY how you feel and what you've been dealing with? 

-- Repeating yourself

-- Not helping with the kids

-- Indifferent to your passions and interests (oohhh, this hurts!)

-- Questions your decisions

-- Seems to (frequently) ignore your love language

Sound familiar?

Paying just $197 to get a:

2 Week Intimacy Intensive


Reflective intimacy

Want to have a conversation that feels like you're a goddess speaking rare and sacred words of wisdom? Ready for nothing but love, adoration, understanding, and ACTIVE listening; to where he gets you, you get him and ZERO misunderstandings? 

Reflect to say EXACTLY what he longs to hear. 


Emotional Intimacy

Got hurt? Yeah, people suck, especially if one of them is your husband. ?If you have a husband who is fluent in passive-aggressiveness, girl, it's time to study abroad and make him learn the language of love talks (without sex). 





How often do you find yourself frustrated with other people's actions around you? Are you saying YES when you really mean NO? Are you accepting more ?in your life to feel more accepted and loved (even though it's not actually feeling that way)? 

Boundaries aren’t keeping out people, they are keeping out behavior.  Rejecting behavior & not the person is what a loving and intimate boundary is for. 

This is one of the most self-protecting layers of intimacy that you CANNOT ignore if you intend to create a lifestyle that is unburdened, authentic, productive, and balanced. 


One- on - ONE support to create and outline YOUR boundaries that will put you at ease... even when you have to say no!

Don't just take my word for it... ?

Jackie S.


I signed up for a follow-up 1-on-1 session with Andi, and within an hour she was able to cut through some of my old limiting thoughts, and decipher what I was really saying. Boy, did honest with myself, and without judgement. I’m so pleased that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Andi!

Jaime S.

Migraine Diva

Before working with Andi, communication was a real issue in my marriage.  There wasn’t much understanding and listening on my part.  Anger and defensiveness allowed me to be cut off from truly communicating with my spouse.  Andi has taught me how to listen and breathe through our disagreements. My husband and I now have calm and understanding discussions rather than arguments. I have learned to put aside my assumptions and I now see my husband for who he is – my groom.

Amanda F.

Business Woman

Does this work?? YUP!

"Andi transformed the way I think about my marriage – her incredible story provides the blueprint I needed to fall in  love with my hubby again, and get my needs met! " - Amanda F. 

This is the only time I'll offer this insanely low price PLUS the Bonus! 

So... if you have any doubts still...If you have ZERO ah-ha moments or insights and practical steps to increase non-sexual intimacy so that you communicate more freely with your spouse and deepen your emotional connection... I'll give you every cent back! 

Get intimate or get your money back!

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Hey Girl! I'm Coach Andi, Intimacy 4Ever Expert, 

 I mentor married female entrepreneurs to increase non-sexual intimacy so they can have conversations that don’t feel like they’re being stabbed in the back and have an even deeper emotional connection with their husbands... forever. All the while building a bad@ss business. 

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