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"Is this 'bliss' really my life?"

Imagine your joy each and every day with your spouse without waking up to his old habits that only create frustrations and emotional pain for you. 

And imagine how he supports your business by giving selflessly of his time, his cuddles, hand holding, and just being with YOU because he helped get all the kids tucked away.

That's what happened to me...even after we both had affairs, emotional abandonment, loveless sex, and lack of support raising the kids while trying to build a {failing} business. 


Emotional words of hurt & feelings of betrayal... Yep, been there. 

Bitterness and resentment from lack of help with our 5+ children and how we discipline...absolutely!

That's when I created my own unique system of reconnecting with my spouse without counseling or a "how to" book (that didn't really exist anyway), and started using it with other women ever since. Today, my 1 on 1 exclusive mentoring with a 100% success rate is now available as a mastermind globally!

Today, I know what it takes to create a fulfilling marriage as a busy businesswoman (while raising a family).

But this was me... avoiding and ignoring my emotional pain, loneliness, and un-fulfillment as a wife.

That’s me...I was a Zumba instructor leading German and American classes abroad, seemingly at the peak of my life - healthy and fit, 6 wonderful kids, and a hard-working husband.

But after 12 years of marriage, I had just found out my father was dying and my husband - two days earlier- confessed to me that over a period of 6 years he was having one-night stands & getting lap-dances at strip clubs. That's when I contemplated suicide to leave my marriage and children.

So here I am, trying to avoid my inner pain & unhappiness by putting on the “I’m GREAT!” façade by immersing myself into Zumba. 

And No One Knew...

Then...I did this ONE thing that literally changed everything within a few moments...

My marriage happiness or unhappiness wasn't about my husband. It was about ME. When I made this aware to my 1 on 1 personal clients, they too had the same results I had. I developed a system (unknowingly) of how wives viewed and interacted with their husbands in a way that wasn't about their husbands at all. 

Despite my painful past and what I thought was hopeless with my husband, this subtle but powerful shift in my own personal intimacy and how other women viewed their own intimacy needs - a freakin' miracle happened. Within days (not years) women like me experienced more support, emotional healing, and more joy with their husbands than without them. Even though they thought they would be better off separated. 

Women now see me as that woman who won't judge, gossip, or not understand the REAL behind-the-scenes of a marriage relationship - while building a business at the same time. 

So... enough about me...

You've given EVERYTHING to your family, home, and business with your selfless love - and despite everything that may be going backwards... you're ready to have a fulfilling and lasting marriage that you desire & deserve!


Before working with Andi, communication was a real issue in my marriage.  There wasn’t much understanding and listening on my part.  Anger and defensiveness allowed me to be cut off from truly communicating with my spouse.  Andi has taught me how to listen and breathe through our disagreements. My husband and I now have calm and understanding discussions rather than arguments. I have learned to put aside my assumptions and I now see my husband for who he is – my groom.

Jaime S. Migraine Diva Blogger

Marriage Killin' Beliefs...

He Has To Be Actively Involved

FALSE!!! Not only did counseling NOT work for us & many other couples...I didn't have to fight and convince him to go. As a matter of fact...when women don't expect their husbands to be involved, they get 100% unexpected positive results! Over and over and over again! 

Does this work?? YUP!

"Andi transformed the way I think about my marriage – her incredible story provides the blueprint I needed to fall in  love with my hubby again, and get my needs met! " - Amanda F. 

He Has To Change First

NOPE!! Not true. I waited FOR YEARS to 'get' my husband to change and it only seemed to have gotten worse. It's a mind-f*ck belief (that I nearly worshipped) and one that holds back many marriages from flourishing into bliss. Instead, focus on what you WANT... not what he isn't doing.

No 'But's'...

"Moments where I haven't acted or commented, I just let it go... it kept the moment calm!! " - Clöe N.

Here's what happened to me after I put my needs first...

emotional intimacy connection

He took notice

  • HE STARTED NOTICING ALL THAT I DID FOR THE FAMILY: Become the wife he sees and appreciates, not just the woman who's in the house. It's cray cray awesome to get loads of accolades when he notices the small things and THANKS you (like changing a diaper!).  
  • I ONLY HAD TO ASK ONCE: Attract his undivided attention to your emotional and physical needs to feel like  a godess in your home. I'll show you how to do less and gain so much more, you'll wonder where your throne is. 
  • MY HOBBIES & BUSINESS BECAME IMPORTANT TO HIM: Your side-hustle and passions become like bacon...he just wants more. He wants to talk about it, eat it up, and invest in more of you because it makes YOU happy and satisfied.
  • Check
    GAINED MORE TRUST & RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER: No more second guessing, what-if's, and growing distant. When you want to fully feel secure with your heart - you'll discover that the everyday reminder from him, is the love and emotional building blocks that keep you together for a life-time. 
  • Check
    HIS SUPPORT WENT ON AUTOPILOT OUR LOVE GREW DEEPER: You'll now have a relationship that thrives on your unique individuality as well as your fulfillment and (non-sexual) intimacy that meets all your emotional, physical, and mental needs...together. Completing each other without the anxiety, stress, and lingering past sh!7. 

This is why I created...

The #IntimateSelf Initiative

A 7-Week Mastermind to help you create and live the fulfilling marriage you desire & deserve

  • Create Your Marriage Lifestyle: Entrepreneurial women who want to feel fulfilled in their marriage and bad@ss in business 
  • STOP: Repeating (unconscious) sabotaging relationship habits that only create frustrations and emotional pain
  • Eliminate: Emotional pain, hurt, and mistrust so that he can love & support you exactly the way you need him to 
  • check
    Enjoy: The non-sexual intimacy you've always wanted even before you ask for it

Here Are Your Intimate Details...

Weekly LIVE Mastermind Meetings to help you create and live the fulfilling marriage you desire & deserve in 7 Weeks.

Core 1: The Mastermind Program

The 7 S.E.X. Skillz System – for synchronizing business & marriage by focusing on YOURSELF First : The 7-Step System to a:

S.imply E.xciting & X.ceptionally {Husband} Supported Relationship For Married Female Entrepreneurs

You'll be pleasantly guided with detailed and thorough mentorship with resources inside The #IntimateSelf Initiative. There’s little room for f* ups or "it didn't work" scenarios. 

Either you show up & do the work and get the relationship you desire, or you don’t do the work and don’t get the results. I'm here supporting you every step of the way.

Core 2: Mentorship & Coaching

LIVE Mentoring & Coaching Every Week with actionable relationship-growth action steps and Q&A sessions.

Got stuck? Join me on our mentoring mastermind sessions, and we'll uncover the answers you seek.
Celebrate your milestones from the week, and set new goals for the following week. You'll love the supportive, non-judgy community of other women just like you.
Receive personal & private support during our weekly LIVE mentoring Q&A calls.
I'm 100% dedicated to making sure you feel supported and loved during your journey to ultimate fulfillment within your precious relationship.

Core 3: The Sacred Sanctuary Community

24/7 Love n' Support in our private & sacred community of bad@ss married businesswomen around the world.

You. Are. Not. Alone. Our sacred community is made up of women who "get" one another without explanation. 

Learn what's working for others (or not working) to tweak and reframe your own experiences and desired outcomes. 

Private, sacred, and safe. 

Here's what you'll experience week by week through the:
 7 S.imply E.xciting & X.ceptional Skillz to your #IntimateSelf:


Skill #1 – BE You At Least 2x Every Self-Serving Day (Discovery of Your Needs) 

  • Discover & implement your creative & fun side of who you used to be 
  • Implement your desires as a non-negotiable & guilt-free living 
  • Break through any blocks or "reasons" you don't deserve "YOU time" without your spouse


Skill #2 – Delegate Like A Boss (Who Doesn’t Micro-Mother-manage). 

  • How to make him realize you are his wife and ONLY his wife
  • Use key phrases and love language to gain more by doing less
  • Create the mood: Show up bad@ss in business with the extra time


Skill #3 – Let Your Sh!7 Go, Then Receive Abundant Gifts & Help. 

  • Bring back your emotional safety net that he holds
  • Erase the loneliness in your soul & practice daily gratitude of receiving lasting love with yourself first​​​​
  • Accept help and relinquish control to receive more respect and appreciation for what you do every day while being vulnerable to receive MORE love that he wants to give you


Skill #4 – Respect, Revive, & Reconnect With The Groom You Cherry-picked. 

  • Become pleasable to what he has to offer you
  • Remember who you are and how he fell in love with you
  • Create MORE intentional non-sexual intimate moments that you want instead of 'wishing' for.


Skill #5 – Your Soul’s Life Journey To The Business & Pleasure Resort. 

  • Discover your top 2 love languages
  • Receive & Gift your unique love languages exactly how you need them
  • Manifest your ideal paying clients by using love languages 


Skill #6 – Feel What You Feel Vulnerable About, Say What You Didn’t Say. 

  • Open up your husband’s vulnerable side for complete transparency & deeper connection of your hopes and dreams you have together
  • Demonstrate to your children a relationship bound in love, respect, and adoration towards your differences and likes
  • Gain pleasure and time when he offers to help you without you asking


Skill #7 – Live Your S.H.A.M.E.L.E.S.S. LIFE With Unlimited Gratitude. 

  • Partake in pleasure for yourself, your marriage, and future business growth without shame or judgments by others
  • Discover What S.h.a.m.e.l.e.s.s means as a married female entrepreneur who is as fierce as she is feminine and how to turn that super power into profits in your bank account and the bedroom
  • Confront & eliminate the “setbacks” that have kept you from achieving YOUR version of happiness and success in the past


I signed up for a follow-up 1-on-1 session with Andi, and within an hour she was able to cut through some of my old limiting thoughts, and decipher what I was really saying. Boy, did honest with myself, and without judgement. I’m so pleased that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Andi!

Jackie S. Bad@ss Momma and Businesswoman

Limited Time Bonuses:
Receive these gifts when you enroll today...


1-1 Exclusive WHAT IF Session

($497 Value)

Instantly put your doubts, fears, apprehensions, and ‘he won’t ever change’ mind-F*ks (false beliefs based upon his actions) to rest. We’ll start your mastermind with a 60-minute 1 -1 private session to cover everything you feel may not work so you have instant action to take NOW & have your man recognize the bride he’s d@mn lucky to have! 

No more thinking this won't work because of your past

No more visualizing what he "may" do or not do that keeps you from being happy

No more thinking he won't change for you...his wife. 

Take control over your situation instead of the unknown controlling you

Let's set you up for all your desires to come to fruition, not failure..cuz you're too bad@ss for that to be your destiny.  


Raving Fans Paying You Guide

(Soul's Life Journey In Business Using Love Languages)

($97 Value)

Personal & Profitable: Love Language In Business - Blueprint on how to use all five Love Languages in  business to instantly connect and collect coins with NEW and PIF clients - even if you don't know what to say.

No more fumbling over words on how to connect with someone new

No wasting time on those who aren't your ideal client

No more guessing on how to give them the BEST outcome for your services

Gain more trust and credibility by loving them first

...I'll demonstrate real life examples of loving the heck out of people so they can't wait to work with you! 


#ReTrust #ReRinse #Repeat Membership

(3 Months FREE)

($297 Value)

T.R.U.S.T → T ake R esentment & U nfulfillment (& stuff it in the) T rash

Gain Totally Resiliency that puts the “US” In Team for your marriage
Clarity, Confidence, & Control without feeling underappreciated ever again...even by your kids!

24/7 support and clarity when your relationshit hits the fan - a private membership with other influential women in business.

THE place for clarity, confidence, and minimal setbacks on your marriage journey to bliss while you build an bad@ss business. Never feel the unwanted moments in your marriage by yourself again!  We support, we don't gossip.

Pay In Full Bonus:
When you invest by PAY IN FULL, you'll get access to:


Your Private Instant Coach On-Demand

($597 Value)

On-call laser-coaching (your backup) provides instant problem-solving advice within minutes.

Eliminate moments of indecisiveness, feeling tense, stressed, & uncertain about what to do.

Instant problem-solving advice within minutes.

Access via phone/text/email/messenger/Marco Polo (app)


Those moments where there's too much emotion & frustration involved for you to make a sound decision. Not only don't want them thinking bad or negative thoughts about you because of what you said or did!


"I have so many moments where a situation arises with someone either by phone, email, text, or in person. I get overwhelmed with too much emotion and frustration which then I just want to react to.
But THEN…I second guess myself and my response. Then I dwell on it MORE and 3rd guess what I should do. Next thing I know, two hours have gone by!
Andi has allowed me to come away from MY perception and view point and have an unbiased, level headed Coach to help me sort things through!
Now I have a productive day rather than wasted time and energy over the matter. Problem solved, I move forward rather than staying stuck with no productivity. She ALWAYS responds within minutes, it’s so relieving!"

Chris G. Bad@ss Marketing Expert For Social Media

Pay in full for The #Intimacy Initiative and always have a backup plan


Andi transformed the way I think about my marriage – her incredible story provides the blueprint I needed to fall in  love with my hubby again, and get my needs met!

Amanda F.. Married Bad@ss Businesswoman

Ready to create the marriage relationship you desire and deserve?
Let's do this! 

Hey, Beautiful, I'm Coach Andi LaBrune...

Since 2015, I've helped bad@ss women in busy businesses regain their desires in marriage, communication, and support with their husbands by mentoring them about love languages and non-sexual intimacy that puts their needs first.

I got my calling when I realized what a sh!7-storm of a marriage I went through and yet here I am, blissfully happy with the same man despite our affairs, emotional pain, lack of support, and disbelief in myself and business.

My unique system to combine women's businesses AND improve their marriage for ultimate fulfillment have resulted in 100% happier lifestyles and relationships. 

I'm committed to helping women like you live fully, love abundantly, and never again deny your God-given desires for self-care intimacy that enlivens your soul each and every day.




30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Follow our 7 S.E.X. Skillz System for an entire month, and if you're not satisfied with your results, submit your work for us to review. Upon review, we will:
1) Provide feedback so you can improve your approach and improver your relationship

2) Issue a full refund if for some reason we believe we cannot help you achieve the marriage you desire and deserve.

I'm 100% committed to having your back & making sure you stay out of your own way and be HAPPY & Profitable with his love and support!

Isn't time for you to have more intimacy, trust, & fulfillment in your marriage while building your bad@ss business?

View full money back guarantee.

Ready to create the marriage relationship you desire and deserve?
Let's do this! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I just don't think my husband will change, is this going to help me?

I've done counseling before, how is this different?

Is there a payment plan?

If I pay in full, what's the advantage of our 1-1 session?

I didn't have an affair, I just feel lonely, is this right for me? 

Is this risk free? How can I get my money back if it doesn't work?


Before working with Andi, communication was a real issue in my marriage.  There wasn’t much understanding and listening on my part.  Anger and defensiveness allowed me to be cut off from truly communicating with my spouse.  Andi has taught me how to listen and breathe through our disagreements. My husband and I now have calm and understanding discussions rather than arguments. I have learned to put aside my assumptions and I now see my husband for who he is – my groom.

Jaime S. Migraine Diva Blogger

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