Is Your Business Flow Stuck at Start-Stop-Change-Create?

Go from Juggling several unfinished projects to a Business flow That's On Fiya...While expertly attracting & enrolling your ideal clients

Sound familiar? --> You have an idea for a new program or offer and you jump on it, but after a week or two your initial excitement fades and you eventually move on to another project, leaving the one you were working on chillin’ on the back burner.

You see, as BRILLIANT as you are at what you do, I bet you have created $100K worth of programs sketched out on numerous notepads, Trello boards, Word/Google Docs, and on your website to name a few. 

But when it comes to finalizing your brilliance...*Crickets* 

You then repeat this cycle over and over, running from one shiny, new strategy to the next and quitting on projects that COULD deliver your greatest breakthroughs and success.


You are TRAPPED in what I call: Project-Program Creation Schizophrenia ADHD mode (with a side of course-junkie-ism). 

Here's the thing...

Hiring business coaches is brilliant! They give you all the business tools you need to create and market your expertise... but they didn't give you the business flow tools. This is why you are a super-star program creative with mind-blowing transformation results you can produce for your ideal clients.

You can gather all of your expertise and put it together...but, unfortunately, that's where it usually stops and gets doomed for success. 

You’re a BOSS when it comes to your program creatives, but when it comes to your relationship with your business, it’s loveless, cold, and distant. It's not enough to only have a program if no one BUYS it (this is the business side). 

You're distracted like a cat who sees multiple strings and a laser light!

So you can imagine how mind-numbing it is to try and get back on track when all these exciting toys are available to play with, but tend to break up your work flow. 

It sucks, because the business coaches you hired didn't tell you that you have to have a solid and unshakable personal-business-flow relationship first.

...And this is exactly where I was, even after investing over $20K in business coaches. I was paralyzed and trapped in the Program/Project Creation Schizophrenia ADHD cycle (with a generous side of course-junkie-ism) because I was unaware of the personal relationship I had with my business (or lack thereof). 

Yes, I’d mastered my marriage and mentored near-divorce couples on theirs, but when it came to MY relationship with my business, I was neglecting it and, the sad truth is, many other entrepreneurs are doing the same.

And all that changed when I created this bad@ss business-relationship mini-course:

Ignite Your Business Flow

showing business owners how to assess and improve their relationship with their business BEFORE it goes all bad

I created this Biz-Relationship Course to help you strut into 2019 un-sabotaged & in your ?profitable flow.

As a relationship expert & mentor, ignoring your personal relationship with your business not only sabotages your profits, but any chance of truly having a fulfilling marriage/business lifestyle.
(This was my life for over 5 years)

This may seem unorthodox, so here's some proof about taking your personal (and your own business) relationships to the next gratifying level:

Jackie s. 

I signed up for a follow-up 1-on-1 session with Andi, and within an hour she was able to cut through some of my old limiting thoughts, and decipher what I was really saying. Boy, did honest with myself, and without judgement. I’m so pleased that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Andi!

Amanda F.

Andi transformed the way I think about my marriage – her incredible story provides the blueprint I needed to fall in  love with my hubby again, and get my needs met (even while in business)!

Chris G.

Eliminating self doubt and having a plan of action to put into play is what Andi enables you to do - even under stressful situations. She helped me define myself and my brand and "live it" out fully. She's empowered me to finally make myself a priority and a regime that works for me.

Here's the surefire, tried & tested diamond-deets of the course to ensure your business work flow is on fiya:

Week 1:
Tap Into Your Flow

Ignite & align your passion in business to quiet the negative voice that brings up doubt, inaction, and awkward moments that sabotage your business-building efforts. Work in your flow how you want, when you want, and earn as much as you want!

Week 2:
Plan Your Flow

Crawl into my "there's always time" (mother of 10) mind to discover where you need personal and professional boundaries in place that undeniably puts your business flow into a state of ease & productivity. 

Week 3:
Access Your Profit-Flow

Develop a killer-persevering business-growth mindset to show up, ask to get paid without fear, and fall in love again with the business process instead of fearing the drawbacks that come up during the visibility & sales process. 

Ignite Your Business Flow is jam-packed with daily EFT tapping sessions and live trainings so you turn your once start-stop-change-create business relationship into a dependable system of profitability and expert positioning love-affair you'll never feel guilty about.

A must-have business-relationship-system for any woman who feels like her husband doesn't support her (and her business) 100% especially before she makes profits.

Get Crystal-Clear...

Who This is For

  • Women who are triggered by what others say and think.
  • Women who want the  negative/critical voice in their head to serve them and not hurt them.
  • Women who feel like a course-junkie w/out implementing what they know - consistently.
  • Women who have a difficult time figuring out WHY they aren't lazer-focused with a business plan.
  • Women who are ready to get clear, focused, and out of their own way to streamline their business and the relationship they have with it.
  • Women who don't mind getting vulnerable to become a lifelong bad@ss in business.

Who This is Not For

  • Women who want to tell me 'reasons' why they can't get into a steady flow and wants ME to fix their lifestyle.
  • Women who don't want to address the negative chatter in their head.
  • Women who are not willing to address their (self-focused) personal relationship problems in order to get to the next level of perseverance and profits.
  • Women who don't think they are worthy to invest in themselves (I want people to invest in YOU, but you have to do it first).
  • Women who want to continue learning without earning.
  • Women who are unwilling to consider putting their needs first.

Why tapping? Why have a personal {self} business relationship?

What my Bad@ss Businesswomen Are Saying

Feeling like a newlywed & with a new business partner!

My husband and I tap together and it has made our work together that more powerful! Now I can see how we'll really come together and do this business together! I feel so much more secure in my business and I don't feel co-dependent anymore, I'm just happy!​​

Tersa H.

Life Organizer Coach

He is speaking my love language while I'm working!

Using tapping was the best part of this intensive. I made so many changes and what used to bother me a lot feels like it never did before. It's really strange, but I love it! ​​

Cloë N.

Powerzen by Cloë

You’ll learn how to get in a good business flow and not only complete projects but actively promote and profit from them. You’ll also learn how to nurture and support your business fully – just like you do in your marriage

  • Access to daily business & personal relationship enhancing sessions (live and recorded)
  • Tapping sessions that evoke lasting change to get unstuck and moving forward towards your personal flow
  • Receive my never-talked-before business relationship flow blueprint
  • Discover your own healthy relationships with your spouse to support your newfound business flow
  • Utilize your negative self talk (that critical voice & fear inducer) to make your business flow easier and more profitable (asking for the sale never felt so easy)
  • Access your sacred and secret Facebook group for additional support


Feel a little apprehensive? No worries! I KNOW this mini-course will transform how your newfound mindset will work in your business. I'm so sure of this, I'm offering a 1st Week money back guarantee. If you are not giddy-happy with the course content and sessions, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.


1 - 1 Kick Off Session

Make your Perfect business flow start on day 1



  • Personalize your BEST business flow strategy instead of a generic "fix" it session
  • Gain Clarity on what YOU need first to show up bad@ss in your business
  • Uncover hidden business blocks that keep you stuck in a cycle of incompletion
  • Eliminate all confusion on what you "should or shouldn't" be doing for your personal and business relationships 

Your Business Flow Starts In:



Why is this about business when you are a relationship expert? 

What do you mean by "personal business relationship?"

I think my business flow is fine, I just am too busy to work on it - is this course right for me?

Why do you use tapping for this course?

Be Bold. Bad@ss. & Blissful

Meet Your Relationship Expert & Mentor

I'm Coach Andi, Mother of 10 & bad@ss businesswoman who loves creating bliss in marriages. I help you create more intimacy (non-sexual), trust, and fulfillment in your relationships. I see no reason why married female entrepreneurs shouldn't love more, profit much, and be a bad@ss wife who's {undeniably} happy. 

I wrote this tell-all book: He Said Stay, How To Trust And Obey In The Midst Of A Suicidal Storm. Nothing held back, it's my marriage journey from infidelity, debt, too many kids, & finally to bliss {yes, same guy}. 

I'm the course creator of The #IntimateSelf Initiative where you get to take complete advantage of my 15-year marriage fails and use it to manifest your own marriage bliss and #IgniteYourFlow - to channel your inner Alicia Keys and set your business flow on fire. #yeahforyou

Working with other bad@sses as mentors, that's me behind the Mastermind: #IntimacyIgnited {Self-Care On Steroids}, helping businesswomen stop carrying the ball and chain of their spouses' disappointments in their lives and businesses. But rather create and Live The Fulfilling Marriage You Desire & Deserve in this brilliant mastermind. Finally, you'll have the presidential permission to be selfish in the most marriage saving way {a very good thing}. 

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