Revealed: How My Marriage Went From F*ked (aka 'Failing) to Fantastic! 

(Without Counseling Or Having To ‘put Out’ To Just Get Some Attention)


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Coach Andi LaBrune

Relationship Expert & Mentor

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What we'll cover & you'll learn at this event:

  • The EXACT System I used to develop a simple but exciting, & exceptionally {Husband} Supported Relationship as a busy mom and businesswoman. This is the most important step to ensure that you get the love and attention you deserve without expectations of sex.
  • Why you actually need to talk less to your husband to get him to show you MORE affection, MORE love, and MORE support. The Proven 7-Step System that you don't have to go to counseling for!
  • How to get rid of the social media mind-f*cks that are actually sabotaging your marriage and why your situation is not unique or hopeless...and how to turn this around in ONE day!
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    Key steps you can take NOW to feel more desired, appreciated, & FIRST in his life even if he's never done this for you before. Restore your forgotten love relationship once again.
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    The one thing you should do next to make your marriage fan-f*k'n-tastic while pursing a business and raising a family.

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About Your Host:

Coach Andi has helped women in business reconnect with their spouses against all odds that they ever thought was possible! They've had their husbands respond in kindness, support, and understanding - even if they were a type A-husband. They are no longer skeptical to share, reconnect, and grow closer together despite their husband's "never changing" attitudes in the past or showing any interest to change.

She’s created courses and mentored amazing women one-on-one by remarkably creating a loving unity of marriage and business for female entrepreneurs like herself. Despite her near divorce, multiple affairs, and raising NINE children, her f*ck'd up marriage turned out freakin' fantastic - full of trust, intimacy, & fulfillment... and yours can too.

"Whether you think he will change or you think he won't change, either're right." ~Coach Andi

Relationship Expert & Mentor

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