Relationship Coaching Redesigned!


We have a new look and feel over here! Relationship coaching is going MUCH deeper than the “he-said, she-said, let’s mirror each other” routine. In order to have a sustainable, loving, trusting, and feeling like it’s “fair” in a relationship… STOP MIRRORING each other.

Sure, it has it’s place, but it’s certainly NOT the end-all.

What’s Relationship Coaching really supposed to be about?

When it comes to finding a trusted source for relationship coaching, think about what YOU need. Not what you need your spouse to do (or not do), not what you need the kids to do, or anything of the sort.

What YOU need is what matters. Because think about it. If you don’t even know what you need first and foremost… how the heck is anyone else going to know?

How will they know how to hold you?

How will they know how to give you time and space to be yourself?

How will they know what you need to thrive and to feel like a goddess in your own home?

How. Will. They. Know, if YOU don’t even know?

In our type of relationship coaching – there’s a new trend, a new vibe, a NEW but severely underestimated “hack” that women are missing out on.

Non-Sexual Intimacy.

It’s about knowing, implementing, and asking for what YOU need above ALL else. That’s right…above ALL else. The secret to giving and receiving is first to learn how to receive. 

Women like us, bad@ss in our businesses and birthin’ out babies, we like to be givers, not takers. Then we wonder why we can’t get a little help here and there and why some husbands tend to stray off – not cool guys (but that’s another post).

You’ve got to embrace what you need on a deeper and more intimate level and recognize those needs without dismissing them.

Are you willing and able to do that?

If not, leave a comment below on what might be your biggest challenge to reflecting on your own non-sexual intimate needs.

If you do…share your own non-sexual intimate “hacks” that keep you thriving and crazy-happy!

About the author 

Coach Andi

Coach Andi, THE Intimacy 4-Evers Expert
I mentor married female entrepreneurs to increase non-sexual intimacy so they can have conversations that don’t feel like they’re being stabbed in the back and have an even deeper emotional connection with their husbands... forever. All the while building a bad@ss business.

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