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Being married is hard, building a business is hard. Imagine doing both at once! With any relationship, personal or professional, the key to making it successful is effective communication.

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With any relationship, personal or professional, the key to making it successful is effective communication.

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Have you ever asked yourself? “Why are they acting that way?” or “Why are they treating me like this?” A lack of understanding of ourselves and others can lead to some real problems such as poor communication and unmet expectations. So where do you start? With yourself.

Success Starts With Self-awareness

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The more you know about YOU, the more opportunity there is for growth, and the more you learn about others. 

Each of us has our own unique personality complete with its own set of preferences and expectations. It’s with these preferences that we behave and respond the way we do. For example, someone with more of a dominant style, prefers to take on the leadership role and sole decision maker, with often little or no regard to others’ opinions. Someone with a more a supportive style is sensitive and can be easily intimidated and withdrawal instead letting their feelings know. This will inevitably lead to tension and hostility.

Sound familiar?

Adapt To Their Style

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Knowing this about yourself and your partner, makes you realize that in order to make this relationship work, you’ll both need to adapt to each other’s styles. Now I don’t mean making a huge change, but just by tweaking a word or tone, will allow you to share your message in a way that truly resonates with each other. For example, our dominant style will need to ‘soften’ their tone and understand that their partner may need more assurances and appreciation to feel that they’re valued. Their supportive partner will also need to ask for help when needed and be firmer and more decisive. Being more direct may not come easily, but necessary to communicate more effectively.

We all strive to seek and make a connection. Successful relationships that are built based on respect and trust, not a power struggle.

Your inability to express yourself has a direct impact on accomplishing your personal and professional goals. 

Understand your own personality traits

Become more successful at developing stronger, more successful relationships. Here's how you do that with an Interaction Guide. 

Successful relationships that are built based on respect and trust, not a power struggle.

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Recap & Interaction Guide

Strategies To Adapt To Your Partner

  • Identify the strengths of your current relationship by looking at traits that work well together.
  • Identify potential struggles that tend to clash.
  • Leverage these strengths and overcome potential struggles.

Our Bad@ss  Guest: 

Kathy Marcino is an Effectiveness Coach transforming corporate culture and productivity by providing a multifaceted coaching experience tailored to the personality and communication styles of managers and team members.

Connect with Kathy: Website | Email

Learn more: InterAction Guide

Building on 20 years of real-life experience in sales management, team building, and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, Kathy has created a signature brand of coaching where learning about your personal strengths and struggles are not the end of the process but the beginning. Kathy leverages the powerful insights of the DISC assessment to construct a customized coaching program designed to foster personal development and improve team dynamics in support of your goals.

With a unique blend of personal insight and practical application, Kathy shows people how to work with who they are—capitalizing on their natural strengths and developing strategies to adapt to others for more effective and productive relationships.

Kathy is also a co-founder and co-host of the 4 Chicks Chatting podcast, where she enjoys sharing her expertise and connecting with audiences passionate about personal enrichment and business success.

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Coach Andi, THE Intimacy 4-Evers Expert
I mentor married female entrepreneurs to increase non-sexual intimacy so they can have conversations that don’t feel like they’re being stabbed in the back and have an even deeper emotional connection with their husbands... forever. All the while building a bad@ss business.

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