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It's UNHEARD OF that in just TWO weeks, you could have a completely 180 relationship shift where you feel respected, heard, supported, and for goodness sakes... even left alone to BOSS in your zone of genius! In other words... he's authentic , sincere, and open to supporting you becoming the best version of your bad@ss business self.

The two-week Relationship Intensive is only if you want your husband to :

  • Gain diamond-clarity on exactly HOW to love YOU instead of you settling for the $1 menu of support and fulfillment (you may get full now, but you'll have indigestion for a LOT longer)

  • Increase non-sexual intimacy - so you both can have the jaw-dropping OMG "I love you" vibes of  being closer emotionally, synchronizing your flow whether working or not AND in your communication (He gets me, I get him, ZERO misunderstanding)

  • Unconditionally support your zone of genius without criticism or malice while respecting your business boundaries

>>> Get rid of his eye rolls,  the nagging about the messy house, or worse, the disbelief, the lack of love and acknowledgment that you CAN build and run a business & still take care of the home front.

Instead, get more quality time, go out more, and simply... Live a happy life! 

? Even if he's the most negative person (but wasn't always like that)... at the end of your 2-week Relationship Intensive, you'll wonder if you just  got remarried to Mr. Incredibly-emotionally available ?

...& he's headache-frustration-free to be around. 

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